Alan Boardman is a painter and visual arts researcher based in West Waterford, Ireland. He completed undergraduate studies in Fine Art Painting at LSAD (1999-2004) and postgraduate studies in Visual Culture at NCAD (2010-11) researching new materialisms through contemporary painting. Group exhibitions include EVA, LCGA, Limerick (2005), Cluster Approving Association, Turn Gallery, Berlin (2007), RHA Summer Exhibition, Dublin (2010), Weaponising Speculation (2013), The Absence of Realism, Lavitt Gallery, Cork (2014). Solo exhibitions include ‘mi;m’, Belltable Arts Centre, Limerick, (2005), ‘Rotfabrik’, Fenton Gallery, Cork (2007) and ‘Sinks and Reservoirs’, Crow Gallery, Dublin (2009).

He has also presented his research, most recently at the 7th Annual Conference on New Materialisms 'Performing Situated Knowledges: Space, Time and Vulnerability', Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, Warsaw (2016) and 'Image Matter: Art and Materiality', Association of Art Historians, Manchester Metropolitan University (2015). Recent publications include 'Manuel DeLanda and the Non-Organic Life of the Contemporary Monochrome' Studies on Material Thinking, AUT University (Forthcoming), 'The Fossils of Sensation: Painting and Emergence', Weaponising Speculation, Caoimhe Doyle (Ed), Punctum Books, Brooklyn NY, and 'An Aesthetic Error: Excremental Fossils and Industrial Ruins', Paper Visual Art Journal, Vol. 4, Cork Edition. 

His current practice responds to our new geological phase, the Anthropocene, which defines earths material transformations through entanglement with human agency, while also re-defining human understanding of temporality. Atmospheric, geologic, hydrologic and biospheric systems are being altered. Erosion and sediment transport systems are altered by agriculture and urbanisation, atmospheric compositions of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorous are altered by the burning of fossil fuels. Concrete, plastic, fertilizer and chicken bones are forming a new fossil record for our present epoch. As entangled human and non-human systems, infrastructures and networks become increasingly complex, moments of reverie become vulnerable. Encroaching on the present and its moments of dissociation is the sense that time itself is changing. In the post-contemporary world, the future happens before the present, time arrives from the future, time is speculative. The aim of my practice is to evoke the mutability of matter and the non-linearity of time, to create images beyond the ubiquitous network, to stimulate speculative reveries of past and future.

Alan is currently working on several projects, two bodies of painting entitled 'Chromatic Inscription' and 'Anthropic Fossil' and a collaborative project entitled 'Augury in the Anthropocene' with composer and inter-media artist Derek Foott.

Works from recent series listed on this site are available for purchase. The artist is also available to undertake commissions. Please visit the contact page to make inquires.